Training and Administrative

CLE Homeschool Handbook -- The Homeschool Handbook is a tool for parents who teach their children at home. This handbook contains both principles and procedures to help you operate a successful homeschool.

Basics for Beginners Set -- For teachers not acquainted with phonics, we recommend working through Basics for Beginners-a training LightUnit introducing Learning to Read methods and procedures. The set includes the LightUnit, Answer Key, and an audio CD of the phonetic sounds.

Basics for Beginners -- LightUnit 8 -- The eighth Training LightUnit is for first grade teachers. This gives a thorough introduction to the Learning to Read curriculum and also includes a section of phonics for teachers with an accompanying tape. For first-year teachers, it is a necessity to study Basics for Beginners, but even experienced teachers should study it to become familiar with the procedures and methods used in Learning to Read.