Bible 900: Christ in the Old Testament

Bible 900: Christ in the Old Testament

Grade 9 Bible, preliminary Sunrise Edition

The theme of this preliminary edition of Sunrise Bible 900 is “Christ in the Old Testament.” As students follow Old Testament events, they catch glimpses of Christ and gain deeper insights.

Each lesson directs the student to read portions of Scripture. Explanations and activities help the student interact with what they read. Dry it sounds; dry it isn’t!

Answer Key set and Teacher’s Guide also available.

This course includes exercises using Strong’s Concordance and Baker’s Bible Atlas.

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Course Objectives for Bible 900

The primary focus of the new Grade 9 Sunrise Bible is King Jesus. The main objective is to reveal Him throughout Old Testament history. Stay alert and you will see this history as a manifestation of God’s progress in bringing His plan into reality. That plan is a sweet relationship with man. He will ultimately restore what we lost in the Fall!

This first LightUnit begins with Jesus and ends with Jesus. He is the Creator who “in the beginning . . . created the heavens and the earth.” He is the promised Seed of Eve who would crush the deceiver’s head. He is the Redeemer in whom Job fixed his faith and hope.

You will see various manifestations of the Son’s kingly power and sovereignty. The most outstanding are His speaking Creation into existence, His three big judgments of evil, and His restraining dominion over the devil. Though man has free will and the devil exercises his dominion as the prince of this world, God is over all and steadily works out His purposes according to “the counsel of his own will” (Ephesians 1:11). Neither man nor devil can defeat or thwart Him. Remember this as increasing darkness descends and evil prevails in our day. God is no less sovereign now than He was in the beginning. All praise to the King!

May Jesus Christ be glorified in this high school Bible course for Christian Light Education.

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Above all, love God!
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