CLE Homeschool Plus


  • Enroll anytime throughout the year.

  • Work at your own pace.

  • Purchase curriculum as needed.

  • Courses from other publishers are allowed.


  • Record keeping for all grades. CLE maintains a file based on a Quarterly Progress Report that you send us for each enrolled student. They can verify the progress of your homeschool if questioned.

  • Report cards. They will send you report cards for each student on a quarterly basis.

  • Academic advisor/counselor. Your personal advisor will contact you periodically.

  • Diploma qualifying test. A passing grade on this test proves achievement.


  • Knowledgeable support when your student is stuck with a problem. Help is available by mail, phone, fax, or email. They can help with student placement, curriculum questions, and other areas relating to operating your homeschool successfully.

  • Professional student transcripts for schools and colleges.

  • Teacher training for parents. At home by mail or in a summer session at a CLE training center.

  • Homeschool Handbook. Detailed suggestions and teaching tips. Free with enrollment.

  • Free Subscription to CLE PlusLines. This official newsletter of CLE Homeschool Plus provides information on a quarterly basis about updates to their program or curriculum, interesting activities for your family, and other helpful information.

  • Free subscription to CLE LightLines. This bimonthly homeschool newsletter provides helpful information, suggestions, and updates on materials available from CLE.


  • A full curriculum for grades K-12.

  • LightUnits are designed to simplify completing a full year of curriculum within a typical 36-week school year.

  • An academic projection enables high school students to accomplish the required courses in four years.

    Special Privileges

  • Ability to purchase standardized achievement tests, which provide national norms for evaluating student progress in comparison to other students.

  • A CLE diploma upon graduation. Provides a tangible and recognized verification of completed studies. CLE students have been accepted in over 175 colleges and universities worldwide!

  • 10% discount on library books and non-curriculum items. (When you purchase direcly from Christian Light. This discount is not available through this Web site.)

  • If you need more information or enrollment forms for CLE Homeschool Plus, please contact Christian Light directly at