CLP Newsletter: November-December 2017

CLP Newsletter: November-December 2017

This edition of the CLP newsletter is double the normal size. It begins with the following article by Michael L. Overholt:

The March of Time

Relentless. On and on. Time marches on, sometimes soft as gently falling snow, sometimes loud as deep canyon thunder. Life begins as a babe; life ends at old age—we think.

Sitting here on my grandfather’s gravestone, I am made to ponder life. The gentle breeze rustling the leaves overhead somehow reminds me of the passing of time, at times silent and unseen, other times boldly proclaiming its passing. Life is here today, but it may be gone tomorrow. My grandfather lived a long life, ninety-four years long—or was it ninety-four years short?

Three gravestones away I see the grave of a young man. He was in the youth group with me. He also had hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Yet, for him, few of those fond wishes were realized. An undeserved case of AIDS took him down, robbing him first of health, then of life itself.

Next, I see the grave of a young boy. He looked forward to going to first grade. It was not to be. One week before starting school, his six-year-old life was snatched away in an accident. His grave is flanked by several graves of babies. These graves represent the burying place of parents’ dreams, for it can hardly be said that the babies had their own dreams and aspirations—yet.

A young husband and his son lie buried to the front of me. I wonder—did the young man say all that he wished to say? Were there other things he wished to say to his wife—things to say and wounds to heal?

Yet, in the midst of this pondering, a sense of purpose walks among the graves. No elder who came before me was indispensable. His time to be born, to live, to love, to teach—it is over. Today my time is here. Today my time counts. It is my time to live. Plans for good count but naught if they end up lying beneath the grassy sod, still unfinished, still buried within my now-cold breast. Today is my time. Today I will live, I will work, I will share, I will care. Today I will do good. Today I will speak life to some hurting soul; I will not wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow the relentless march of Time may claim my dreams, my aspirations, and my goals.

Clutched in the Talons
by Darryl Derstine

Jordan looked down at the magazine cover hungrily, his heart thudding against his ribs.

Captain Jim felt calm elation as he leveled the C-130 at cruise altitude. He’d show those boys some real power.

Kaitlin slipped down by her bed and the words came, broken words from a broken soul. It was not good English. It was good submission.

These three stories powerfully illustrate the danger of becoming ensnared by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, and show us the blessings of living free.

Unconditional Surrender
by Pablo Yoder

Pete grew up in a Catholic home that promoted high moral values, but he longed for more of God. He enlisted in the Navy, served in Vietnam, and then worked as a game warden in the Rocky Mountains. But he couldn’t forget his Mennonite friend Gary and their conversations about Bible principles like nonresistance. Reading the Bible for himself, Pete faced a decision. Would he commit to do what the Bible said and forsake all to follow God?

My Ways Are Higher
by Maryann Martin

Ronnie and Maryann Martin answered God’s call and moved to Honduras with their six children. Pouring their hearts into the work, they thoroughly enjoyed life at the mission. Then Ronnie was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Left to pick up the pieces, Maryann struggled with questions. How could she raise a family without her husband? Why did God choose to take Ronnie, an ordained minister who filled such a vital role at the mission? In this true story, Maryann describes how God led her through grief, uncertainty, and doubt to acceptance and gratitude.

Horse Stories From the Man Who Played With Sticks
by Johnny Ruhl

Written by a horse trainer, these horse stories are fascinating in themselves, but more importantly, each story teaches a valuable Christian principle. As children read or listen to the stories, they will catch something they can understand. Adults will see additional truths at a deeper level that apply to their own lives. Includes instructions for making a gee haw whimmydiddle stick!

Against the Odds
by Rachael Lofgren

It was 1952. Polio was on a rampage through the country, claiming young Vera as one more victim. Would it destroy her future? Surrounded by a godly, loving family, she determinedly fought to overcome the limitations of her polio-ravaged body and live a life that inspired.

Light Side — Dark Side
by Shari Beth Shaum

During her time in Haiti, Shari Beth encountered much darkness, such as parties where Satan was worshiped. But there were also pockets of light, people — people who loved the Lord. Jock lived in a tiny windowless room. Though his body was failing, he sang teary, but heartfelt praises to God. Light Side — Dark Side opens a window into Haitian culture and shows the contrast between God’s power and Satan’s bondage.

Loyalty Test
by Romaine Stauffer

Christian watched uneasily as anti-British attitudes bubbled up in the American colonies. As rebellion progressed to outright war, Christian stood by as the new colonial army confiscated his wheat and cattle. But what would be the consequences of refusing to obey the new law requiring citizens to swear loytalty to the state? Based on historical characters, Loyalty Test describes the trials of a peaceful people in distressing times. A sequel to Hidden Riches.

Hold Them Near
by Catherine Beachy

A cold . . . a fight to breathe . . . weakness . . . death. Noah and Sara Beachy suffered tragedy and loss as one child after another succumbed to a mysterious genetic heart condition. Unsullied by bitterness, their trust in God deepened as blow after blow rained on them. A true story that inspires us to lean on God and treasure the moments we have with our loved ones

Living Tabernacle
by Rebecca Martin

Who should Sharon believe? Father warns that Jerusalem and its temple are destined for destruction. But her brother Adam declares that God will never let His temple fall. Is Adam right? Or does Father speak truth when he says that believers are now God’s living tabernacle? Set in the time of the apostles, this story vividly portrays both the turmoil and the deep peace devout Jews experienced as they grappled with the reality of Jesus the Messiah. A sequel to Fountain of Life.

A Flame Forever Bright
by Claudia Esh

The story of Dirk Willems rescuing his pursuer who fell through the ice is one of the best-known stories in the Martyrs Mirror. However, almost nothing is known about Willems’ life prior to his arrest. A Flame Forever Bright weaves facts of Dirk Willems’ life and fictional narrative to tell his story through the eyes of his younger sister Lucia. Set in Holland in the 1500s.

The Arrowhead
by Lucinda Miller; Illustrated by Alex Brover

For many years an arrowhead lay hidden, buried in the soil of an Indiana farm. The Indian who had shot it was long forgotten. The generations of settlers who followed, chopping down trees and planting corn, never found it. Decades passed, and other families who worked the land never found it either. Then came Ted, praying and searching for an arrowhead like those his sisters had found. Will he find one? History comes alive through this story of an Indian brave, hardworking settlers, farm families, and a boy named Ted who longed to find an arrowhead of his own. Illustrated by fine watercolor paintings.

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
by Caleb Crider, Illustrated by Alex Brover

This hardcover Bible story book is a beautiful way to help children learn to love Jesus. The seventy stories from the life of Jesus — each illustrated with a full color oil painting — are designed to be read aloud to children. Each story includes three questions that promote interaction about the story.

In a time when so many Bible storybooks include fictional details and cartoon-like pictures, Tell Me the Stories of Jesus will become a trusted family favorite. These simple stories and touching illustrations begin to form in children’s minds the outlines of a picture that will be filled in as they grow — the picture of Jesus as a caring, understanding, and trustworthy Friend.

Caleb’s Cookies and Kittens
by Brenda Weaver, Illustrated by Charity Hoover

When Mr. Waverly comes home from the hospital, Caleb uses his homemade manners to show kindness and consideration to his elderly neighbor. A visit with Mr. Waverly helps Caleb find a name for his favorite kitten. The fourth in the Manners Are Homemade series.

Caleb Finds His Treasure
by Brenda Weaver, Illustrated by Charity Hoover

Someone New at Caleb’s House
by Brenda Weaver, Illustrated by Charity Hoover

A Birthday for Caleb
by Brenda Weaver, Illustrated by Charity Hoover

Errand Boy
by Edith Witmer

Six-year-old Larry likes his home and his friends in Georgia. But Father says that God has another plan for their family. “God wants us to run errands for Him,” Father explains. “He wants us to go to Honduras to tell the people about Him.” Larry enjoys running errands, but he is not so sure about this one.

Teddy’s Tornado
by Heidi Clugston

When Teddy went to sleep in his room beside the kitchen, Mommy always sang his favorite song. She left the door open so light would shine on his pillow.

Then one frightening evening a tornado smashed Teddy’s bike and destroyed his house. Teddy’s mommy didn’t have enough money for a new house. What would they do? Would anyone help them? Some kind people came to help, and Teddy and his mommy discovered that God cared for them. As their new house was being built, they learned a new favorite song to sing at bedtime. Illustrated with full-color paintings.

A Kitten Named Birthday
by Janet Heatwole

Six-year-old Sarah loves to play with her birthday present, a kitten she named Birthday. Because Sarah is deaf, she cannot hear it when Birthday purrs, but she can feel it rumbling like a tiny motor inside his throat. Sarah’s mother uses sign language to answer Sarah’s many questions about her pet. As Sarah signs with her hands, another question is growing bigger and bigger in her mind. Will her mother know the answer? Illustrated with pencil drawings.

Friend Penn
by Rebecca Newswanger

With its fascinating color illustrations, this book is an enjoyable way for children to learn about William Penn. Instead of stealing the Indians’ land, Friend Penn wanted to buy it fairly with cloth, mirrors, and other goods from the Old World. This book holds a beautiful message about fairness and respect that resulted in many years of peace between the Indians and settlers in Pennsylvania.

Friends of a Feather
by Olivia Weaver; Illustrated by Rosene Wine

Julia got along better with her pet chickens than she did with her classmates. Sometimes the other children laughed at her, so she often just played by herself. “They don’t like me,” Julia told her dad when he encouraged her to be friendlier at school. But when she agreed to try, nothing seemed to work.

Then something terrible happened to one of her feathered friends, and Julia discovered she had good friends after all — people friends. Illustrated by watercolor paintings.

Family devotionals by Howard Bean

Is family devotions a chore? Do you struggle to find material suitable for your whole family?

This series by devotional writer Howard Bean addresses that need by combining Bible reading, commentary, and stories. Each book covers a quarter of a year and follows a different theme.

The first part of each day’s lesson is especially for Dad and Mom and older children. It includes Scripture reading, theme verse, and devotional meditation on the topic introduced by the Scripture reading. The meditations are peppered with interesting anecdotes and educational facts related to the topic.

The second part consists of a reading from a continued children’s story related to that week’s theme. Each story includes questions for review and discussion.

These resources keep the Scripture central and breathe new life into your family devotional time.

The Work of His Hands
by Pablo Yoder

Pablo Yoder treats us to another amazing tour of plants and wildlife in Central and South America in The Work of His Hands, a companion to his earlier book, The Work of Thy Fingers. From a two-toed sloth to the giant Amazon water lily to a lumbering hippopotamus, each chapter is brimful of joyful enthusiasm for God’s creation. Gain a deeper appreciation for God’s handiwork through stories, facts, and photographs that display His might, creativity, and magnificence.

Bearing Witness
by Charles E. Moore

What does it cost to follow Jesus? For these men and women, the answer was clear. They were ready to give witness to Christ in the face of intense persecution, even if it cost them their lives. From the stoning of Stephen to Nigerian Christians persecuted by Boko Haram today, these stories from around the world inspire greater faithfulness to the way of Jesus, reminding us what costly discipleship looks like in any age.

Kindred Hearts for God
by Diane Yoder

How can I respect my parents when we don’t agree? Why don’t I hear God when I pray? Does anyone understand how I feel? These essays, stories, and poems are written by women who remember the questions they faced as they approached womanhood.

Guiding the House
by Dianna Overholt

This homemaker’s organizer of days and duties is more than just a planner; it also includes handy features such as monthly menu pages, room-by-room cleaning plans, canning & freezing inventory charts, travel planning, and inspiring stories and quotes.

Growing in Godly Thinking
by Simon Schrock

Do you struggle with thoughts that want to take you the wrong way? Gossipy tidbits, lustful temptations, doubtful questions, revengeful impulses — these can bring anyone to ruin. This small book explains steps in dealing with spiritually destructive thoughts and ideas. Formerly self-published as How Jesus People Think.

Brilliant — Made in the Image of God
by Bruce Malone

This beautiful book highlights the genius of early men. Each two-page spread details their inventions, medical discoveries, architecture, and art by captivating essays, full-color photos, a basic timeline and globe that show where in time and where on the planet each archeological feature happened. Written in a Biblical context, Brilliant shows that modern men may actually be less, not more, intelligent than men freshly created.

Bless Word Search Puzzles
by Jean Knabbe

Do you drive down the interstate forming words from license plates? Are you the first in the family to suggest a game of Scrabble? Then word search puzzles are probably your favorite. This booklet of 90 puzzles follows the theme of blessing.

Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner
by Sue Hooley

Most women juggle hundreds of tasks, appointments, and commitments every week. Far too many to remember! Homemaker’s Friend Planner brings peace of mind — a companion that captures the details of your busy life so you don’t have to.


  • monthly spreads for long-range planning
  • weekly spreads for sketching out an entire week day by day
  • perforated shopping lists
  • menu planner for main meals

The Amazing Story of Christmas

This tract tells our increasingly secular culture about Jesus and why He came.

A Drop of Mercy
by Becky McGurrin

Heinrich glared at the soldier. “You killed a good man.”

The soldier looked at him. “Have mercy, sir. I’m so thirsty.”

“Is this what you want?” Heinrich asked, holding up his cider skin.

The soldier’s face lit up. “Aye. Bless you for it.”

Heinrich spat. “Not even a drop. Here’s your mercy.” He turned the skin upside-down and squeezed every last drop of cider onto the ground.

Heinrich walked away from the wounded soldier, but he could not get away from the wretchedness he felt in his heart. How could God show him mercy when he had been so ruthless?

Set in the American Revolution, A Drop of Mercy is the story of a young man finding his way — and finding hope — through the smoke and confusion of a war that crashed into his own backyard.

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