CLP Newsletter: May-June 2017

CLP Newsletter: May-June 2017

The newsletter begins with “Teaching Is a Mission” as the front-page article. The full text is not included in this post, but here are two sentences from the second half of the article:

  • The teacher who tries hard to help a student academically and socially, but sees no positive results, may feel discouraged and like a failure.
  • Sometimes we need reminders; teachers need all the encouragement they can get from school boards and parents.

As the new school year starts, let’s be among those who faithfully serve as you-can-count-on-me encouragers! Let’s get beyond nice Newsletter Thoughts to worthy Living Actions. 🙂

The two-page “innards” has this spread of books from CLP and some other publishers…

Journey into God
by John Coblentz

How do you write a book about a Person who, in so many ways, defies description? This wellwritten book captures the beauty, magnificence, and righteousness of God while leading readers, especially young adults, to worship, repent, and draw nearer to Him. Chapters end with contemplative exercises and questions.

The Insanity of God
by Nip Ripken & Gregg Lewis

After years of apparently fruitless mission work, the author and his wife concluded that the Gospel just didn’t work in Somalia. How could God be good when life was so dark? The Ripkens went on to collect stories of persecuted believers around the world, and learned that God is faithful even in suffering and darkness. Though not written from an Anabaptist perspective, The Insanity of God is a deeply touching reminder that God’s ways are higher than ours.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
by Nabeel Qureshi

Are you ready to go from talking about Muslims to talking with Muslims? More than simply a good story, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus equips you to witness and relate more effectively to Muslims. Nabeel Qureshi describes his journey from Islam to Christianity and why he found Jesus so compelling. Though not written from an Anabaptist perspective, this is a helpful book for anyone interested in Muslims and Islam.

Little Pennsylvania Dutch Boy Growing Up
by Sharon Schnupp Kuepfer

This sequel to Little Pennsylvania Dutch Boy is based on the later childhood of Clair Schnupp, the author’s father. The author grew up hearing her father tell many of these stories of Christian faith and love. Now she longs to pass them down the generations.

Helping Grandfather
by Edith S. Witmer

Sandra is pleased that Grandfather is coming to live with them. But something is happening to Grandfather. On some days his mind is good, and he smiles and tells stories. On other days his mind is sick, and he says and does strange things that make Sandra feel sad. Through the days that follow, Sandra learns how to relate to the elderly and finds special joy in being Grandfather’s helper.

(Note: The link is to the Amazon listing of this book since — oddly enough — it isn’t listed on the CLP site as of today!)

Camp & Cabin Cookin’
by Kevin & Bethany Shank

This beautifully illustrated, unusual cookbook comes with several recipes more appealing to men, steps to making homemade ice cream, and other family-friendly ideas.

compiled by Lucille Martin

On the windows, on the counters, on the high chair . . . fingerprints symbolize the little things, the moments of frustration and joy that accompany every day in a mother’s life. This book was written by mothers whose lives have been changed and enlarged by the touch of a child’s hand, and the fingerprints they left behind.

Atlases and astronomy book in the CLP May-June 2017 Newsletter

The New Astronomy Book
by Danny R. Faulkner

Just how intricately designed is the universe? The moon not only influences the tides on earth, but also causes rocks to “stretch”! Now take an incredible look at the mysteries and marvels of space in The New Astronomy Book! Includes a 24-inch, full-color, pullout poster.

Desk Atlas of the United States

A visual (and informational) treat. Each state covers a two-page spread. It has the appearance of a desk blotter; with a journal open, showing a map and a brief overview of the state. Surrounding the map are notes, dates, facts, illustrations, and trivia. Includes state birds, flowers, seals, flags, statistics, quarters, events, people, etc. Thematic maps show farm resources, expansion, population, climate, and regions.

Children’s Atlas of God’s World

Most atlases showcase evolutionary thought and secular worldviews. This full-color, visually engaging atlas explores creation with insights into Christian history makers, amazing landmarks, and discoveries found around the world. Highly recommended for schools and homeschoolers as a resource and reference tool.

Classroom Atlas of the World

A high-quality atlas for upper elementary and junior high students. Includes photos, graphs, charts, and critical thinking questions in addition to 102 physical, political, thematic maps, and a 9-page section on U.S. regions. As the product of a secular publisher, it contains a few evolutionary assumptions.

The back page of the newsletter features this true story:

My Ways Are Higher
by Maryann Martin

Ronnie and Maryann Martin answered God’s call and moved to Honduras with their six children. Pouring their hearts into the work, they thoroughly enjoyed life at the mission. They loved the Hondurans, and the Hondurans loved them.

Then tragedy struck when Ronnie was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Left to pick up the pieces, Maryann struggled with questions. How could she raise a family without her husband? Should they stay in Honduras? Why did God choose to take Ronnie, an ordained minister who filled such a vital role at the mission? In this honest and moving true story, Maryann describes how God led her through grief, uncertainty, and doubt to acceptance and gratitude. Her testimony is one of learning to cling to God’s promise that “as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways.”

CLP May-June 2017 Newsletter: back page My Ways Are Higher

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