Changing Frontiers

Changing Frontiers

Announcing CLE’s brand new social studies textbook!

Today I got word that CLE has just released Changing Frontiers, its new US History textbook for grade 8.

In addition to the 625-page hardcover textbook, they offer two types of student materials: worksheets (which are more for teacher-taught classrooms) and LightUnits (which are for more independent study).

new CLE US History text

The textbook contains several teaching components.

  • A list of terms, people, and places
  • Study exercises for each section
  • Perspectives

These textbook components provide opportunity for students to look at the text three ways: literally, analytically, and Biblically.

Double-sided worksheets are provided for student material. Lessons are one page of exercises including graphs, diagrams, charts, and questions.

  • General exercises cover factual information from the text.
  • Interpretation exercises require the student to infer or apply something from the text.
  • Enrichment exercises are based on the perspectives in the text.

The LightUnits promote independent learning. Students are directed to read portions of the textbook in each LightUnit lesson and then complete the exercises as directed.The Study Exercises in the textbook do not need to be completed when using the LightUnit Study Method.

I hope to post more information about this next week.

Buy the book from Christian Light: Changing Frontiers

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  1. I am looking forward to this. I am hoping to teach it to my grade 8 student next year. I grew up with cle history and would have loved this book.

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