Witnesses of the Resurrection

Witnesses of the Resurrection

Matthew 27:62-28:10

Would you have gone looking for Jesus in the tomb had you been one of the women then?

I’m sure you would have; I’m certain I would have also. That was the natural thing to do. Sure, Jesus would have told us that we wouldn’t find Him there by then, but our hearts would have been as perceptive and receptive as theirs. I don’t believe we would have done better than they at remembering His words. So we would have gone to the tomb, not Jerusalem or Bethany or Olivet.

Now we know better.

So do the unsaved.

That’s right! The unsaved know better than to look for Jesus among the dead. I say that because I want to ask you this: When the unsaved want to find Jesus, do they go to you or do they avoid you?

Assuming you are a Christian, how deep is your Christian faith and commitment? This will determine whether you are among the living or among the dead. If you are living, people will seek Jesus where you are. If you are dead, they will have no reason to look for Jesus there. This applies to so many specific areas of our lives; allow me to probe a little in several of those areas.

(Excerpted from The Power of His Resurrection)

And they remembered his words (Luke 24:8)

No doubt these women were still reeling from the events of the weekend.

Now they were on their way to take care of and pay tribute to their fallen Master.

Or to put it another way, they were going to the burial site of their hopes.

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