Serving the Least

Serving the Least

Matthew 25:31-46

The Son of man shall come (Matthew 25:31). That means He hasn’t come yet. That means we still have opportunity to change any of our ways that need amending or discarding.

He who is greatest has a kingdom prepared for those who are far less than He is (Matthew 25:34). We could think of that as part of His service for us who are least before Him. Fittingly, this kingdom is for those who served the least in the name of Jesus.

The good done by the righteous is primarily born out of compassion for the needy, not out of a desire for reward. Matthew 25:37 sounds like they didn’t even think about it in terms of doing good to Christ!

Don’t overlook the opportunities to do good to the King (Matthew 25:40).

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Why am I given this sneak peek and advance notice now?

What drives my compassion?

Am I ever allowed to ignore another’s needs?

Which is my standard: doing good or not doing bad?

Which eternal destiny am I choosing?

No person shall be exempted from the Final Judgment. The day comes when all those created in His likeness and image shall stand before the Creator. Nobody shall avoid that day. Nobody shall miss that encounter. When the Creator calls that time, no creature shall have the option or the ability to ignore Him. Only fools and the uninformed disregard that reality at this time.

We know by what criteria the Judge will render His verdicts. We know God is good, gracious, righteous, just, and merciful. Today’s passage underscores that — why else would He tell us in advance by what criteria He will judge us? He has told us so that we might live by that same criteria. He wants to put us on His right hand…even more than we want to be there!

The Lord takes personally how we treat His people. We may wish to have lived at the time when Jesus walked the planet. Not only could we have heard Him in person, we could have been among those that served Him in practical ways. Jesus still walks the planet in the bodies of His people. He takes so personally how we treat His people that He will judge us by that.

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