God Is Not Fooled

God Is Not Fooled

Amos 5:14,15,18-27

Just how sincere is my worship?

Just how intelligent is my worship?

I simply want to know if our worship is with understanding. Let’s focus on our singing. Do we know the meanings of the words we sing? Are we conscious of the statements we make while we sing? I suspect that we know so many of the songs and hymns so well that the words float out our lips without registering in our minds. That sounds like vain (empty) repetition to me.

When I catch myself singing without thinking about what I’m singing, I shouldn’t stop singing. No! I should start thinking…about what I’m singing. Instead of taking our tongue out of gear, we should get our heart in gear. We need to discipline our minds and spirits to focus on the object of our worship (God Himself) as well as on the vehicle of our worship (the words of our songs).

I propose we stop singing empty songs. Instead let’s sing songs full of meaning, spirit, understanding and even feeling. That doesn’t mean changing hymnals or singing songs we’ve never sung before. That means singing the same old songs…from our hearts and not simply our lips.

(Excerpted from Israel’s Hypocritical Worship)

The righteous LORD loveth righteousness (Psalm 11:7)

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