High School Electives
LightUnit Based

Sunrise Home Economics I

This 10-LightUnit course introduces high school girls to skills and knowledge needed to be godly wives, mothers, and homemakers. Many hands-on assignments provide practice in these skills.

  1. Introduction to the Kitchen
  2. Nutrition and Food Preparation
  3. Food Shopping and Kitchen Organization
  4. Meal Planning, Preparation, and Presentation
  5. Getting Ready to Sew
  6. Sewing for the Home
  7. Sewing for Yourself
  8. Godly Homekeeping
  9. Child Growth and Development
  10. Growing into Godly Womanhood
LightUnits 1-4 cover food preparation from basic nutrition to smart shopping to putting tasty food on the table. LightUnits 5-7 teach sewing from the basics of sewing machine operation to actually sewing clothing. LightUnit 8 discusses how to keep a godly home clean and clutter-free. LightUnit 9 covers child development from birth to the preteen years.

LightUnit 10 focuses on the student herself, giving her guidance in becoming a godly woman. She is challenged to understand herself, God's plan for her body, her relationship with God, friendships, modesty, singlehood, and Christian courtship. (Grade 9 and up)

Home Economics II

The three LightUnits in this course give step-by-step directions on how to prepare a conservative Mennonite-style cape dress pattern, sew a cape dress, and construct a three-piece, cap-style Mennonite woman's veiling.

The materials include guidelines on modest dress for Christian women, how to choose and alter a pattern, Biblical directives on the women's veiling, care of the veiling, three cap-style veiling patterns, a hanging veil pattern, and tips on care of the veiling.

The three LightUnits together make up three-tenths of a high school credit. (Grade 10 and up)

Consumer Math

1 -- Creative Arithmetic
2 -- Fractions, Decimal, and Percent
3 -- Family Finances 1
4 -- Family Finances 2
5 -- Construction and Building Trades
6 -- Service Occupations
7 -- Transportation
8 -- Business Services
9 -- Occupational Diagrams
10 -- Review

Spanish I

This course presents the content usually taught in a first-year high school Spanish course.

Students study the Spanish language first by listening and repeating, then by reading and writing. They will also study the basic rules and principles of the Spanish language. As they increase in their ability to understand the spoken language and converse in Spanish, students will also learn to sight-read Spanish communications from the LightUnits, write Spanish sentences, and develop an awareness of the cultures of Spanish-speaking people.

The tapes are not designed to be used without the LightUnits. Both the LightUnits and the tapes are essential for this course.

Sunrise Computer Basics

This course gives students a foundation for learning computer applications. A computer is not needed for the course, though having one available would be very beneficial to the student.

LightUnits 1 and 2 provide a basic history of computers and describe how computers work. LightUnits 3 and 4 deal with computer software including word processing, databases, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, and more. LightUnit 5 deals with computers in the workplace and choosing a suitable computer and compatible software.

Copyright 2004. Five LightUnits and one Answer Key. (Half credit)

Greek I

This ten-LightUnit course gives the diligent student a working knowledge of the original language of the New Testament scriptures. Mastery of the material equips a student of the Word with the basic tools for a lifetime of fruitful study.

In conjunction with the Greek Manual, the LightUnits are designed to enable the student to study New Testament Greek systematically. Students will translate selected passages from the Gospel of John.

The New Analytical Greek Lexicon is a valuable resource for in-depth study of New Testament Greek vocabulary. A complete grammatical explanation is given for each word in the Greek New Testament. Reference numbers to Strong's Concordance and variant readings are included. Hardcover; 449 pages.

Textus Receptus is the Greek New Testament underlying the King James Version of 1611. Hardcover.