Grade Nine

Bible 900
(New Testament Survey)

This one-credit course also includes a study of Job and several age-appropriate themes.

901 -- Introduction to the New Testament
902 -- The Gospels
903 -- The Acts of the Apostles
904 -- The Pauline Epistles
905 -- The General Epistles
906 -- The Revelation of Jesus Christ
907 -- Biblical Literature: Job and Suffering
908 -- How To Share Christ with My Friends
909 -- God's Will for My Life
910 -- Review

Sunrise Language Arts 900

Literature I uses the first half of the textbook Perspectives of Life in Literature and LightUnits 1-5 of Sunrise Literature I. (The other half is covered in Grade 10.) Units 1-2 cover the short story; Units 3-5 cover poetry. Each unit includes sixteen lessons, two self checks and a LightUnit test. One semester.

Sunrise English I LightUnits 1-3 focus on English grammar and usage. LightUnit 4 includes writing essay answers, and LightUnit 5 focuses on making speeches. One semester.

Mathematics 900
(Algebra I)

Each LightUnit includes a self check for each section and a LightUnit test and can be completed in about three weeks. This one-credit course covers the following concepts and skills:

901 -- Variables and Numbers
902 -- Solving Equations and Inequalities
903 -- Problem Analysis and Solution
904 -- Polynomials
905 -- Factors
906 -- Algebraic Fractions
907 -- Radical Expression
908 -- Graphing
909 -- Systems
910 -- Quadratic Equations and a Review of Algebra

The teacher's guide developed by Alpha Omega Publications shows how each problem is solved, but these solutions do not always match the revised CLE LightUnits. CLE encloses free update booklets with orders for the teacher's guide to balance this discrepancy. The teacher's guide with the updates takes place of the briefer list answer keys.

Science 900
(General Science)

901 -- Our Atomic World
902 -- Volume, Mass, and Density
903 -- Physical Geology
904 -- Historical Geology
905 -- Body Health I
906 -- Body Health II
907 -- Astronomy
908 -- Oceanography
909 -- Science and Tomorrow
910 -- Review

Alternative Course: Apologia Physical Science

Christian Light offers Apologia curriculum, developed by Dr. Jay Wile, as an alternate to CLE science LightUnit courses.

These well-written, easy to understand, and student-friendly textbooks offer a defense of Christianity along with excellent science.

Most experiments can be done with household items (a $50 lab kit for Chemistry is available from Nature's Workshop Plus! ph: 888-393-5663). A companion CD with animations, videos, narrations, and audio pronunciation guides is optional for each course. A few experiments are included in the videos.

Courses are also available in a CD-only version. Requirements: 64MB RAM, Windows 95/98/ME/00/XP.

The courses will be considered CLE credit. Christian Light will continue to send Standard Approvals for you to report scores if you are enrolled in CLE Homeschool Plus. (One credit each.)

Social Studies 900
(Civics and World Geography)

901 -- The Heritage of the United States
902 -- US Government
903 -- State and Local Government
904 -- Planning a Life Work
905 -- Citizenship
906 -- The Earth and Man
907 -- Regions of the World
908 -- Man and His Environment
909 -- The Tools of the Geographer
910 -- Man in a Changing World