Grade Seven

Sunrise Reading 700

Seventh graders are growing up, heading toward the teenage years, and already beginning to face bigger decisions. The Road Less Traveled presents them with examples of others whose choices affected their lives:

  • Miles, whose lack of faith cost two lives
  • Mustafa, who finds love and giving and peace
  • Janet, who sees faith bear fruit
Selections include character-building parables from nature, stories of pioneer trailblazing, examples of living for others, incentives for seeking true treasures, and exhortation to humility. Two or three lessons a week provide a year's work.

Selections in The Road Less Traveled center around five themes:

  • "Deciphering Nature's Parables"
  • "Path of the Pioneer"
  • "Living for Others"
  • "Storing Up Treasures"
  • "Stooping Gracefully"

Many LightUnit exercises deal with the theme of choosing, leading students to see that the well-traveled road is not always the right road. Exercises help students increase comprehension, analytical, and evaluation skills -- to understand, think through, and apply what they have read to themselves and their situations.

An optional teacher's guidebook provides brief teacher's notes, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests.

Bible 700

Each LightUnit in this course takes about seventeen days to cover, providing work for a 170-day school year.

701 -- Worship
702 -- Mankind
703 -- Attributes of God
704 -- Fulfilled Prophecies about Christ
705 -- Living the Christian Life
706 -- The Psalms
707 -- The Life of Christ: Part One
708 -- The Life of Christ: Part Two
709 -- The Life of Christ: Part Three
710 -- In Summary

Sunrise Language Arts 700

This course integrates grammar, spelling, and penmanship into one easy-to-use package. Grammar and punctuation skills are introduced incrementally and appear at the beginning of the daily lessons, followed by review exercises which cover both fresh material and almost-mastered, familiar skills. Lessons finish with a daily dose of penmanship practice and exercises on the weekly spelling word list.

This full-year course also covers active and passive voice, verbals, clauses, compound and complex sentence structure, writing an exposition, consistent verb tenses, and dangling/misplaced modifiers.

Creative writing exercises are based on the book On Teaching Writing.

The teacher's guide includes teacher's notes, spelling word lists, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests. It does not include LightUnit answers.

In LightUnit 707 students read But Not Forsaken, a book about refugees after World War 2. The LightUnit serves as the study guide. 253 pages.

Sunrise Mathematics 700

Math 701 continues the pattern of previous grade levels. It may be used as a diagnostic tool to verify readiness for the Math 700 level.

LightUnits 702-710 begin a new series of LightUnit themes based on Christian occupations and a Biblical worldview of business and family and personal finances. This practical emphasis in problem solving is balanced with continued advancement in algebra and geometry foundations which were begun in earlier levels.

This level of Sunrise Math assumes student proficiency in number facts and the four mathematical operations, but still provides daily practice to keep these skills fresh. Basic geometry formulas and other important math definitions and facts are also drilled daily for mastery.

An optional teacher's guidebook provides brief teacher's notes, useful appendices, and alternate tests.

Science 700

Each LightUnit in this course takes about seventeen days to cover, providing work for a 170-day school year.

701 -- God-Designed Plant Systems
702 -- God-Designed Body Systems
703 -- The Behavior of Living Things
704 -- Molecular Genetics
705 -- Chemical Structure and Change
706 -- Light and Sound
707 -- Motion and Its Measurement
708 -- Planet Earth
709 -- The Sun and Other Stars
710 -- Review

Old Social Studies 600

Sixth or seventh grade social studies text, viewing world history in the light of God's Word and God's plan for His people through the ages. This text concentrates on ancient history, with a summary of the last 300 years in the concluding unit. The text is unique in that it follows history chronologically and at the same time integrates the story of God's people -- the Jews -- until the time of Christ, and God's people -- the church -- since that time.

You have two options for this course: use the LightUnit study guides, or follow the textbook questions.

LightUnit-Guided Study. (These LightUnits serve as self-directed study guides for the textbook God's World -- His Story.)

601 -- Studying God's World
602 -- Scattered Abroad upon the Face of the Earth
603 -- God Calls His People
604 -- Four Ancient Empires Rule the World
605 -- The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
606 -- The Dark Ages and the Late Middle Ages
607 -- Reformation, Exploration, and Colonization
608 -- Hope and Faith in a War-Torn Europe
609 -- "Wars and Rumours of Wars"
610 -- Review

Outline Maps (optional). Twenty-nine maps correlating with textbook studies. Contains all maps for one student.