Grade Five

Sunrise Reading 500

The reader Open Windows is filled with wholesome, inspiring stories that the entire family will enjoy. Stories like "Sleep-Out Below Zero," "To Prove a Proverb," "I Will Not Do It," and "In Spite of War" convey solid Biblical messages as they teach good reading skills.

The accompanying LightUnits help students to continue honing their reading, comprehension, and thinking skills. They infer from context, interpret various figures of speech, add to their understanding and appreciation of poetry, and sharpen their analytical and discernment skills -- not in reading only, but in applying what they read in a way that pleases God.

The selections will fascinate your fifth grade reader as they take him through Open Windows to other times, places, and experiences.

The optional Teacher's Guidebook provides brief teacher's notes, useful appendices and alternate LightUnit tests.

Bible 500

Each LightUnit in this course takes about seventeen days to cover, providing work for a 170-day school year.

501 -- How Others Lived for God
502 -- Angels
503 -- The Presence of God
504 -- Bible Methods and Structure
505 -- God's Children in the World
506 -- Proving What We Believe
507 -- Paul's Journeys for Jesus
508 -- God Created Man for Eternity
509 -- Authority and the Law
510 -- Review

No teacher's guide is provided; the reading level is simple enough for fifth graders to study on their own. Each LightUnit contains one self check per section and one final test.

Sunrise Language Arts 500

Study Skills: outlining, using dictionary, using the library

Grammar: proper nouns; antecedents; possessive, subject, compound pronouns; irregular verbs; linking verbs; future-tense verbs; principal parts of verbs; compound verbs; verb phrases; adverbs modifying verbs and adjectives; adjectives; proper adjectives; adjectives of comparison; predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives; prepositions; conjunctions; interjections; sentence agreement; diagramming

Punctuation: commas; capitalization; apostrophes; italics and underlining; colons; quotation marks; simple and compound sentences; hyphens

Composition: oral book report, outlines, personal narrative, paragraphs of compasion and contrast, summary, business letters

Research Paper: using the encyclopedia, choosing subject, writing purpose statement, outlining, taking notes, writing rough draft, revising, copying, organizing final draft

Spelling & Penmanship

Language Arts 500 integrates grammar, spelling, and penmanship into one easy-to-use package. Grammar and punctuation skills are introduced incrementally at the beginning of each daily lesson, followed by exercises reviewing the freshest material as well as more familiar, almost-mastered skills. Each day's lesson concludes with penmanship and spelling practice.

In addition to these basic English skills, students learn how to recognize and diagram some of the more technical parts of speech. They focus on practical writing skills dealing with verb tenses, principal parts, and subject-verb agreement. Creative writing exercises are based on the book On Teaching Writing.

The teacher's guidebook provides teacher's notes, spelling word lists, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests.

Sunrise Mathematics 500

LightUnit 501 reviews concepts introduced in Math 400. Pretests and practice sets cover the essential fundamentals taught in Math 400. Math 501 can be used as a diagnostic tool to verify readiness for the Math 500 level.

LightUnits 502-510 introduce new skills and concepts along with continuous review of previously taught concepts. LightUnits refer to the CLE coded flash cards, but generic cards may be used instead.

We teach the metric system simultaneously with the US system of measurement.

Daily speed drills continue to cement the basic number facts into the child's memory. Along with the usual fifth grade math skills of reducing, carrying and borrowing with fractions, multiplying and dividing decimals, and applying the four operations to increasingly complex problems, we lay a foundation for later geometry and algebra in gentle, painless steps.

LightUnit themes in story problems give students a window into actual Christian missionary activities around the world.

An optional teacher's guidebook provides brief teacher's notes, useful appendices, and alternate tests.

Numbers: Prime and composite numbers; identity and commutative properies

Operations: Two-digit divisor; multiplication shortcuts; estimating products

Measure: Adding and subtracting US measures

Geometry: Classifying triangles; pi; points and pairs on a grid

Fraction: Lowest common denominator; canceling before multiplying; reciprocals

Algebra: Variables in equations; combining like and unlike integers; squares/square roots through 15

Problem Solving: Finding hidden questions and facts in story problems; using proportions to solve problems

Statistics: Drawing graphs

Science 500

This course uses the textbook God's Marvelous Gifts to introduce the student to the rich resources created by God for life in this world.

Science 500 covers the physical world, plants, the heavens, animal life, and the human body. The reading level is appropriate for either fourth or fifth graders.

You have two options for this course.  Both require the textbook. The LightUnit option provides exercises, reviews, self checks, and tests. Answer keys are required, but the teacher's guide is optional. The study-by-textbook option uses questions in the textbook and requires a student test packet and a teacher's guide for answers.

Teacher material contains answers for the text, teaching helps, and enrichment. Both methods cover a year's work.

501 -- God's Gifts: Light, Air, Water
502 -- God Gives Us Land and Water
503 -- God Gives Us Plants
504 -- Astronomy
505 -- Four Wonderful Seasons
506 -- Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Birds
507 -- God Gives Us Mammals and Insects
508 -- Your Wonderful Body, Part 1
509 -- Your Wonderful Body, Part 2
510 -- Review

Social Studies 500

North America Is the Lord's is a comprehensive history and geography of Anglo-America from a God-centered perspective.

This study credits God, the Creator, as the sovereign Lord. It describes opposing forces in history: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Social values belonging to God's kingdom are upheld. This book counters the humanistic idea that we control our destinies, and that our land thrives because of our own ingenuity.

You have two options for this course: use the LightUnit study guides, or follow the textbook exercises.

The LightUnits are self-directed study guides for the textbook. Each includes self checks and a test.

For a textbook study, use the study-by-textbook materials in place of the LightUnits. Test packets may be ordered separately.

501 -- The Continent of North America
502 -- Maps, Weather, Climate, and Time
503 -- Exploring the New World
504 -- Settlements in the New World
505 -- Growing Pains in the New World
506 -- Eastern United States
507 -- Canadian Provinces, Expansion and Unity of Anglo-America
508 -- Mid-Western and Western U.S., Northern and Western Canada
509 -- Alaska and Hawaii, Anglo-America Grows
510 -- Review