Grade Two

Sunrise Reading 200

Comprised of two readers and ten LightUnits for the student, this course includes some review of phonics/mechanics skills. The course emphasizes comprehension/analytical skills -- teaching the child to think. The student interprets simple analogies, categorizes ideas and objects, generalizes, and continues to evaluate, analyze, and apply what he reads.

The student builds his sight vocabulary using Instant Word lists. He exercises study and oral reading skills with enjoyable, captivating stories from a variety of places and backgrounds. He learns why Nell was thankful for dried onions, visits a girl from India who wants to learn to read, and has fun with Mr. Doodleburger. Monkeys play a trick on Mario, Ronnie is afraid of the principal, and Linda Lou wants to do something for Jesus. Several simple stories from the King James Version of the Bible are also included.

Each lesson builds character as well as skills in phonics, reading comprehension, and application of stories to real life.

Lessons require some teacher instruction, but students can mostly work on their own.

Teacher materials provide exercises in good study skills and smooth oral reading. The Teacher's Guides, essential for the course, include the LightUnit answers. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guide is purchased.

Sunrise Bible 200

Second grade Bible contains well-written stories from the Old Testament. They captivate the child's imagination and bring the Bible to life.

Each of the five LightUnits has sixteen lessons, providing two or three Bible lessons a week for a whole school term. A lesson consists of a two-page spread with a simple Bible story and a corresponding activity such as sequencing events, unlocking a coded message, color-by-number, or simple crossword puzzles.

Whereas first grade LightUnits are mostly activity style, second grade includes more workbook type activities. Without quizzes or tests, this course allows the child to enjoy the Bible and learn its truths without a heavy workload. Our goal is for Bible to be so enjoyable that the students look forward to every class.

The Teacher's Guide contains a more detailed version of each story for the teacher to tell or read. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guide is purchased.

Sunrise Language Arts 200

Language Arts 200 integrates grammar, spelling, and penmanship into one easy-to-use course. Each lesson begins with grammar and punctuation skills introduced in small increments. Next is review on material from the previous lesson and some of the material from earlier lessons. A daily penmanship activity is followed by practice on a weekly spelling word list.

Phonics: review of Level 100 and all remaining phonics rules

Grammar: nouns, verbs, describing words, and pronouns

Punctuation: capitals, question marks, commas, quotation marks

Communication Skills: oral and written reports, manners, introductions

Creative Writing: exploring, drafting, revising, editing

Spelling: word meanings, phonics

Penmanship: all manuscript and cursive letters

The Teacher's Guide includes ideas, spelling word lists, useful appendices, and alternate LightUnit tests for students who need to redo a test. Answer Keys are optional if the Teacher's Guide is purchased (since it includes answers to the LightUnits).

Sunrise Mathematics 200

LightUnit 201 reviews concepts that should be adequately mastered in order to succeed in Level 200. It can be used as a diagnostic tool.

The remaining nine LightUnits teach new skills and concepts such as telling time, reading simple graphs, adding/subtracting multi-digit numbers with carrying /borrowing, working with money, basic fraction concepts, and measurement in both the US and metric systems.

Daily review on the addition/subtraction facts from 1-20 ensures mastery. Multiplication is introduced in Math 205, and by the end of the course, students have memorized the tables for 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10.

Addition & Subtraction: good review of facts using speed drills and a flash-card system; introduces carrying and borrowing; mental exercises of adding/subtracting 1's, 10's, and 100's

Algebra: > and < in number sentences; n in number sentences

Fractions: writing fractions; finding 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 of a group

Geometry: polygons; points, line segments, lines, rays, right angles; parallel; pentagons, hexagons, octagons, ovals; cylinders, pyramids, cones; diameter; perimeter

Measurements: measuring to 1/2 inch; feet, yards, meters; teaspoon, tablespoon, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, liter; ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms

Money: choosing coins for a value; different ways for showing amounts of money; adding and subtracting; amount of change

Multiplication: factors, products; multiplying 1 and 0; 2's, 5's, and 10's multiplication tables

Numbers: counting by 3's, 4's, and 12's; counting by 1's in the thousands; even, odd; pairs; zero as a place holder; reading and writing numbers in thousands, expanding numbers in thousands; rounding to 10's and 100's; ordering 4-digit numbers

Problem solving: when to add and subtract; signal words -- each, pair, a; two-step problems; unnecessary information problems

Each lesson contains a realistic story problem or two using a theme (which varies with each LightUnit) such as pets, grandparents, and springtime.

The Teacher's Guide provides ideas, useful appendices, alternate LightUnit tests, and answers to the LightUnits. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guide is purchased.

Sunrise Science 200

The five LightUnits for Sunrise Science 200 are a study of animals and birds. Each LightUnit takes about seventeen days to complete, including two quizzes and a test.

201 -- God Gives Us Animals
202 -- Animals and Their Habitats
203 -- Mammals You Know
204 -- Learning About Birds
205 -- Birds and Bird-Watching

Each lesson includes two to four pages of activities. In addition to the LightUnits, you will need a field guide for bird-watching for the last unit. You may purchase the one we offer, or supply your own.

The Teacher's Guide includes a reproduction of each LightUnit page with answers and ideas for capturing your child's interest and providing hands-on activities to enrich the learning experience. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guide is purchased.

Sunrise Social Studies 200

These five LightUnits on families, neighborhoods, communities, and their relationship to the larger world advance the concepts begun in Social Studies 100. Each LightUnit contains seventeen lessons, including two quizzes and a test.

201 -- Families and Neighbors
202 -- Communities
203 -- Communities at Work
204 -- Travel
205 -- Children From Different Communities

The Teacher's Guide contains thoughts and ideas to help you teach creatively and effectively. It includes a reproduction of each LightUnit page with answers. Answer keys are optional if the Teacher's Guide is purchased.