Questions & Answers

Is this Christian Light's site?

No. This is Anabaptists' gateway to their site. Entering their site via our links here will generate a small commission for us.

What is the Sunrise Edition?

Busy teachers will appreciate the handy teacher's guides, quizzes, and lesson divisions. For students, Sunrise Edition brings more color, more manageable learning increments, a new reader series, and much more.

Thoroughly reviewed and tested, Sunrise Edition continues the tradition of high standards that make Christian Light Education a trusted name in Christian education.

Is CLE affordable?

Christian Light Education is an investment in your child's educational and spiritual future that you can afford -- as little as $20 a month per student for the full course. You can also pick and choose individual courses and order only what you need right now.

How do I get a print CLE catalog?

Fill out this form and Christian Light will send you their current educational catalog.

Is there a way to get input from CLE users?

Yes! Visit my Christian education forum: RAS/CLE Support

Does Christian Light offer any kind of record-keeping services?

Yes again. Check out the CLE Homeschool Plus program.

How can I get official answers directly from CLE?


1050 Mt. Clinton Pike
PO Box 1212
Harrisonburg, VA  22803