Elementary Electives

Sunrise Elementary Bible Elective I

Too new for the 2010 catalog! Announced in Christian Light's April-May 2010 newsletter.

Acts through Revelation

Designed to be used in fourth or fifth grade, this course follows the growth of the early church. The first four LightUnits focus on the events described in the Book of Acts. The last LightUnit gives brief overviews of the epistles and ends with several lessons from the Book of Revelation.

Each lesson contains a story and workbook activities. The Teacher's Guide gives objectives and suggestions for teaching each lesson and provides alternate LightUnit tests. Reproductions of the LightUnit pages, quizzes, and tests are included with answers.

Each of the five LightUnits has sixteen lessons, providing two or three Bible lessons a week for a full school term. Each LightUnit includes two quizzes and a test.

CLE Music Curriculum

Designed for grades 1-8, each of these eight books reviews concepts learned in previous levels.

Books 4-8 are also suitable for older students who have not had previous systematic music instruction.

The teacher's manual gives helpful suggestions for teaching the series and for developing a well-rounded music class.

The drill sheets reinforce the concepts taught in the music books.

Students may begin Music Book One in Grade 1 or 2 and do one workbook per year. However, other than gradual advancement in reading level, the workbooks are not tied into any particular grade. Both round and shaped notes are taught. Material overlaps between books, but some specifics in each book follow:

  1. Lines, spaces, note names/shapes, the scale, heads, stems, flags
  2. Time value of notes and rests, the staff
  3. Measures/measure bars, the G clef, time signatures
  4. Sharps and flats, pitch pipe, key signatures
  5. Chromatic scale, the F clef, naturals, time patterns
  6. The grand staff, round notes, compound time signatures, slurs, ties
  7. Diatonic scale, minor scale, intervals, terms/symbols
  8. Accidentals, directive signs, tempo, volume, style, chords

Alphabet Desk Strips

2" x 18" self-adhesive strips for students' desks


I Can Write Manuscript -- Younger children needing extra handwriting practice will enjoy this book as they practice letters and numbers and copy Bible verses, short sentences about animals, and simple character-building poems. The theme of the book is animal babies and their mothers. Handy to use with Language Arts 100 because the letters are introduced in matching sequence, but can be used with any language program. Does not teach cursive. First Grade

I Can Write Cursive -- This book provides extra practice and thorough reinforcement of penmanship skills for second and third graders still learning cursive. Fascinating facts about birds, bugs, and butterflies intrigue students as they practice penmanship. Students review the five basic cursive strokes and go on to practice lowercase and capital letters, numbers, and number words. I Can Write Cursive is handy to use with CLE's Language Arts, but it can stand alone or be used with any curriculum. Each of the sixty-eight lessons takes about fifteen minutes to do. Second or third grade

Working with Words

These vocabulary workbooks from Pathway Publishers are designed to enrich student vocabulary and open the way to better comprehension.

They may be used with any elementary reading series to increase vocabulary.

Numerous Biblical and religious words and terms included.

Each book contains 42 lessons. Each lesson features a list of 20 words to match with definitions, a section on using the words correctly in sentence blanks, and a mixed review section. Reminders in the workbook direct students when they are to take one of the seven review tests included in the back.

Speedy Spanish 1

An elementary Spanish course written on the third grade reading level. Thirty lessons plus six reviews teach over 500 words. The worktext contains matching exercises, games, Bible verses, and songs that make this a fast, fun way to learn Spanish. Four self-teaching, 90-minute cassette tapes make it possible for the student to teach himself and correct his own work. For third grade and up.

Speedy Spanish 2

This course is a sequel to Speedy Spanish 1 and is written on the four grade reading level. It reviews words learned in Speedy Spanish 1 and adds more than 500 new words. This course also has 30 lessons. The worktext has more matching exercises, games, Bible verses, and songs, plus conjugation of verbs, and writing and translating Spanish words. A set of five cassette tapes is available. For fourth grade and up.

Speedy Spanish Sing-Along Tape and Song Sheets

A compilation of songs used in the Speedy Spanish courses.

Spanish Bible

Biblia 100 -- Una de las cosas más importantes de la vida es el estudio de la Biblia, la Palabra de Dios. En estos estudios para el primer grado, los niños aprenden de Dios y su voluntad para sus vidas. Aprenden lecciones importantes al estudiar las vidas de hombres y mujeres de Dios. La mayoría de las historias son del Antiguo Testamento, y algunas, del Nuevo Testamento. Hay 10 libros de trabajo en este curso. Cada uno contiene como 30 páginas, incluso un examen.

Biblia 200 -- Una de las cosas más importantes de la vida es el estudio de la Biblia, la Palabra de Dios. En estos estudios para el segundo grado, los niños reciben respuestas para preguntas muy básicas como "¿Quién soy yo?" Aprenden más acerca de Dios y su plan para sus vidas. El propósito de este curso es desarrollar características buenas en la vida del estudiante por estudiar los ejemplos de Moisés, José, David y otras personas piadosas de la Biblia. Este curso incluye 10 libros de trabajo. Cada uno contiene un examen.

Biblia 300 -- Una de las cosas más importantes de la vida es el estudio de la Biblia, la Palabra de Dios. En estos estudios para el tercer grado, los estudiantes aprenden de Dios y su plan para su pueblo. Aprenden cómo Dios ha preservado su Palabra a través de miles de años, y que nuestra responsabilidad a El es obedecer sus mandamientos. Este curso incluye pruebas arqueológicas que confirman que los incidentes mencionados en la Biblia son reales. Este curso incluye 10 libros de trabajo. Cada uno contiene cómo 40 páginas, incluso un examen.

Biblia 400 -- No hay nadie que se puede comparar con Dios. Sus obras son majestuosas, y sus planes son perfectos. En este estudio para el cuarto grado, los estudiantes aprenden más de nuestro gran Dios y su Palabra. Estudian los ejemplos de hombres de Dios, con el propósito de desarrollar las mismas características en la vida del estudiante. Esta serie enseña la importancia de leer y estudiar la Biblia, la fuente de toda sabiduría. Este curso incluye 10 libros de trabajo. Cada uno contiene un examen.

Biblia 500 -- El estudio de la Biblia es esential para aquel que quiera aprender más acerca de Dios y el mundo espiritual. En este curso encatador, los estudiantes aprenden acerca de los ángeles, la omnipresencia de Dios, la autoridad establecida por Dios, y los dos destinos eternos. Estudian también acerca de los viajes misioneros de Pablo, la estructura de la Biblia, y evidencias de lo que creemos. Este curso incluye 10 libros de trabajo. Cada uno contiene un examen.

Biblia 600 -- En los primeros cinco libros de esta serie, se estudia el Antiguo Testamento; en los últimos cinco, el Nuevo Testamento. El énfasis de esta serie es el plan de Dios para la redención del hombre. El Antiguo Testamento habla de la caída del hombre y la promesa de Dios a Abraham: de dar un redentor por medio de su descendencia. Jesucristo el Redentor del mundo era del lianaje de Judá, así cumpliendo esta profecía. Este curso incluye 10 libros de trabajo. Cada uno contiene un examen.

Art With a Purpose

Each Artpac includes instructions and art sheets for 36 lessons. Usually art sheets are exercises which have been started and are to be completed by the student.

Artpac 1 -- Simple coloring skills; color-by-number; cutting and pasting

Artpac 2 -- Simple coloring skills; cutting; pasting; elementary perspective drawing

Artpac 3 -- Coloring; shading with crayons; simple grid drawing and painting

Artpac 4 -- Coloring; shading; simple grid drawing; elementary perspective drawing

Artpac 5 -- Advanced shading; layout, spacing, and lettering; mix, paint, and blend watercolors; perspective and freehand drawing

Artpac 6 -- Shading with colored pencils; layout, spacing, and lettering; perspective and freehand drawing

Artpac 7 -- Advanced shading with soft-lead colored pencils; grid drawing; calligraphy; full-color painting

Artpac 8 -- Illustrating with pen and ink

The Story of God's People, Clarence Fretz -- Provides rapid survey of the Old Testament and New Testament history, history of the Christian church from Pentecost to the Reformation, history of the Mennonite church from the Reformation to the present; integrates with Old World history, usually studied about seventh grade. Teacher's Guide

You and Your Bible -- You and Your Life, Clarence Fretz -- Introduces the pupil to the nature and value of the various divisions of the Bible. Gives him guided experience in the use of Bible study tools to find Bible teachings of importance to him. Usually studied about eighth grade. Teacher's Guide

Research Paper I -- Students often find writing research papers difficult. These 15-lesson LightUnits (I for Grades 4-6; II for Grades 7-9) simplify the job by leading them in manageable steps through the process. Include notes for the teacher and a detailed plan for grading the student's work. Research Paper II

Math at Work, Clifford Martin -- A compilation of practical math problems encountered in various occupations. Good supplementary material to accompany any math program. Recommended for grades 5-8.

State Study -- A mid-elementary study focusing on geography, history, and government. Can be used with any state. Teacher's Guide

Discovering Maps -- The first half of this book teaches map skills such as basic geographic facts, how maps show places on earth, telling directions, measuring distance, and finding locations. Also taught are latitude and longitude, time zones, political maps, physical maps, road maps, and distribution maps. The second half develops each continent in a separate section with physical maps, distribution maps, political maps, photographs, and text explaining significant facts. A ten-page continent chart identifies the locations of many interesting natural and man-made features on the earth.

Belize -- Land by the Carib Sea, Sadie Schrock -- Educational and informative guide to geography, history, and resources of Belize. Good enrichment material for grades 3-6.

Nature Study of Belize, Sadie Schrock -- Educational and informative guide to geography, history, and resources of Belize. Good enrichment material for grades 3-6.

Belize Set