Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests

The diagnostic tests for Language Arts and Math are used to place students in the CLE curriculum.

We recommend testing below grade level to check for learning gaps.

For students in Grades 1-5, use the 100-400 tests. For students in Grades 6-9, use the 500-800 tests.

Please Note: Because of the continued development of the new Sunrise editions, it is important to use the current tests.

Eastern PA Readiness Test

A pre-entrance test for Christian schools designed to reflect the frame of reference of the conservative Mennonite lifestyle. It can be administered effectively by teachers with little experience or training. The pupil's book tests the child in word meaning, listening, matching, alphabet, numbers, rhyming, and copying. Directions are given in the Teacher's Manual for scoring and evaluating a child's readiness for school. May be purchased by anyone.