Kindergarten Curriculum

Teaching children to read is one of the highlights of education. With early preparation in kindergarten, you can give your child a good start in school.

CLE’s kindergarten curriculum lays a solid foundation by giving children the opportunity to practice skills essential for learning to read.

Beginner’s Activity Series

These four workbooks provide practice for three- and four-year-olds in motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual comparison. As preschoolers work through the books, they also learn basic numbers and the colors.

  • About Three has simple exercises in line drawing and visual discrimination.
  • Bigger Steps contains more advanced matching and visual comparison exercises.
  • Color, Cut, and Count helps the child learn the colors and work with numbers.
  • Doing My Best gives further practice in coloring, counting, matching, and cutting.

When they have finished these workbooks, the students will be well prepared for the ABC Readiness Series.

ABC Readiness Series

These workbooks are designed to prepare children for first grade, helping them practice the skills essential to a successful start in learning to read.

This series provides four- or five-year-olds with short periods of pre-reading activities a few times per week. As they mature, the frequency and duration of these lessons will gradually increase.

This set provides learning activities such as distinguishing colors and shapes, cutting and pasting, listening to Bible stories and answering questions, recognizing the numbers from 1 to 10, forming letters correctly, tracing, following directions, writing their own names, and hearing initial consonant sounds.

Teacher notes are included.

After finishing the ABC Readiness Series, advance the students to the companion
GHI Readiness Series.

Supplementary Items

Before We Read: For children needing extra review of the skills taught in the above ABC series, we recommend this 64-page book from Pathway. Exercises emphasize discrimination and sequencing skills.

Before We Read, Teacher’s Edition: Although most of the exercises in Before We Read are self-explanatory, parents and teachers may find this optional teacher’s guide useful. Includes detailed instructions for each lesson.

Kindergarten II

CLE Kindergarten II offers an introduction to — but doesn’t aim for mastery of — sounds and numbers. Workbooks and Activity Books are to be done together — a lesson from each per day, although at first students may find an entire lesson per day too overwhelming.

Basic teacher’s notes and essential answers are included in the Workbooks and Activity Books.

The five LittleLight Workbooks prepare students to use CLE’s Learning to Read program. The LittleLights introduce the concepts of matching, dot-to-dot, color names, sounds, letter writing, recognizing and writing numbers 1-100, and more.

The five LittleLight Activity Books provide fun activities such as coloring, cutting and pasting, identifying, and more.

The Teacher’s Guide gives detailed lesson instructions, including extra activities in motor skills, Bible memory, songs, poems, and stories. Reproductions of student pages with answers are included. No separate Answer Keys are available.

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