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Since 1980, Christian Light Education has endeavored to produce school material that helps prepare students for life. Whether you need a full program or a supplement to your existing curriculum, CLE curriculum offers a complete selection for kindergarten through high school.

CLE materials emphasize wholesome morals, godly character, family values, modesty, simplicity, and thrift.

Parents using Christian Light Education report above average achievement for their children on standardized test scores.

CLE curriculum is an investment in your child’s educational and spiritual future that you can afford.

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Core CLE Curriculum Prices

from their 2017-2018 catalog

core cle curriculum prices from their 2017-2018 catalog

What is a CLE curriculum LightUnit?

A LightUnit is a self-contained study booklet that includes the lesson text, daily activities, and a final test. The test is in the center of the booklet for easy removal before giving the LightUnit to the student.

A LightUnit typically contains fifteen to seventeen days of student work. A full one-credit course usually consists of ten LightUnits.

Sunrise Edition LightUnits are divided into daily lessons that help students stay on schedule. Two quizzes provide opportunity to evaluate student progress. Attractive formatting adds clarity and interest.

Sunrise Second Edition LightUnits are similar in format but revised and improved from the original Sunrise Edition. Currently only several courses in Grades 1-5 are available in Sunrise 2nd Edition.

Non-Sunrise LightUnits are divided into sections with each section ending at a Self Check. After students master a Self Check, they continue to the next section until they complete the LightUnit, after which they take the final test. These are gradually being replaced with new Sunrise Edition LightUnits.

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